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Our work

We focus on consulting businesses or public institutions that are looking into environmentally friendly solutions, with over 30 years of experience worldwide


Invest in zero emission public transpor

In several Latin American cities, our team has fostered and supported financial and technical successful desitions on electric public transportation that has allowed to run more than 4000 electric buses in several cities: the biggest fleets in the world outside China

Reduce CO2 emissions

The overall experience with main cities and companies in Latin America in the preparation of plans and concrete projects guarantees the effective support to reduce or compensate GHG emissions in both public and private sectors

Image by Acton Crawford

Buy the most sustainable electric vehicle

AGAR LLC's knowledge around batteries and technological efficiency allows the company to offer you the best criteria to select the best private vehicle or your truck or taxi cab fleets

Structure clean energy projects

Be an individual house, solar roof, or a wind project count on our expert team to help make sound financial and technical decisions regarding the best clean energy option 


Find profitable environmental solutions

AGARR LLC's team has proven that an innovative project analysis ends in a good business case for environmental solutions that might use national or international incentives or tools to make more attractive any investment

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